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If you have been searching for a Team Build that truly Produce Results your search has ended! No matter if you’re an marketer or not you’ll Succeed with RWJ Marketing!

RWJ Marketing is  a group of experience marketing experts that have come together to assist you in Finally Succeeding in Generating income online and for you yourself to achieve Financial Independence the easiest and  fastest way possible!

RWJ Marketing takes a large amount of pride in it self! and Guarantees you won’t find another Team Build on the internet that will work as hard,  to make sure you Succeed.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed! and RWJ will build you a business in Summit77 like the big guys do with there whopper list.

Key Benefits: 

  • Easy Setup
  • Low Cost to Get Started
  • Easy Business To Build With No Pressure 
  • Great for Pro / Non Pro Marketers
  • No forced task to earn income
  • Social website for latest information
  • Support for Problems / Questions A ++   
  • Monthly referral contest
  • Free eBooks to download

Who & What’s Summit77!

They are the business with the Patent Pending Payment Plan for excellent reasons! I guarantee you haven’t seen anything like it. It’s the most powerful pay plan actually created. To understand and to see what it is all  about visit the link below

IMPORTANT! Do not Join through Summit77 ! A join link will  be assigned for you by RWJ Marketing once the time comes as the waiting list progresses.


Just how much Does It Cost To become a Member of the RWJ Marketing Team Build?

  • $2 weekly! That’s 8 Bucks per month.
  • Max 25 Subscriptions
  • $8 Per month or $104 for a year Per Subscription
  • Only Minimum of Deposit: $8.00 to get started


In all of my years of experience I have never come across a Team Build like this one, and there isn’t really much I can pick on because of how powerful and how truly hard Admin/John Blanchard the creator of RWJ  has worked to make this for every one considering it was first meant to be a Penny Matrix Plus Team Build.

But then some changes were made to PMP which would make the team build useless  and then people like my self and the RWJ social group got together with John we all had a say and since John had already planed to make Summit77 a team build any way it was only natural for him to make this decision considering that the company has been around for 2 or more years.

And they were happy to have our team build come aboard and still today John works side by side with summit77  even helping us members everyday with questions that we may have and taking suggestions from members and keeping us up to date through the RWJ social group and email.


  • Design of the website is a bit bland for my taste
  • Some Banner designs are a bit yuk looking
  • By promoting your link when one of your RWJ down-line cycles out of matrix 4 and 6 you get $10 but can not withdraw it only to use for your subscriptions   
  • Time it takes to cycle but this is usually what happens with most matrices even tho its is a forced matrix 
  • If you fail to pay your subscription in time you would have  lost your original placement so you have to start again in the matrix 

Click the Banner to Join RWJ Marketing 


 Click Here for Compensation Plan



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